Sophie Groulx

Montreal, Quebec


Hello, my name is Sophie. I am 22 years old. I have cerebral palsy with dystonia. I started communicating using a board. I have had communication devices for many years. I had a MACAW, then an ALPHATALKER, then a DELTATALKER, and afterwards, I had a PATHFINDER.

I am happy to talk with my communication device. In my communication device, there is an environmental control which allows me to be more independent.

I use scanning access mode with switches in my headrest.

I can call my dog by whistling. I attend Champagnat school in Montreal. I do math and French. I play computer through my communication device. Without my communication device I would be sad about not being able to talk.

I am able to add words by myself to my communication device. I explored my PathFinder with Danielle Ostiguy at the communication lab at Joseph Charbonneau School.

So people saw that I could do many things by myself and I very much like to do things  by myself.

I did work at the communication lab during my last two years at school. I was entering data into the devices of other students who needed it.

It is very important to know and understand our devices and to explore them to the maximum because it allows us to be more independent and proud.

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