Piero and Susy

Toronto, Ontario 



My name is Susy and I am writing on behalf of my son Piero who remains non-verbal and is constrained to communication by means of gesture, a picture exchange system and limited sign language.

Piero uses a portable speech output device, the “SpringBoard Lite”, which he has adopted  as his voice.  This technology has allowed Piero—who  formerly was unable to express himself apart from gestures and the use of a picture exchange system—to  communicate with the world by a simple touch of what resembles a laptop.

First and foremost, the device allows Piero to actively and independently participate in a speaking/hearing world.  This AAC device meets a variety of Piero’s needs;  it accommodates his growing vocabulary and changing requirements in everyday life and school.

His device has ultimately enhanced his learning. Different overlays allow for different vocabularies or activity-based learning.  Moreover, because of this device, Piero is able to speak freely—not to be spoken for.

More salient to us is the fact that this AAC device allows Piero to operate with a greater degree of normality and independence in the world at large, something every little boy should experience!

We are thrilled that Skye, Kerr and Gail have provided an outlet to talk about these communication breakthroughs. We support you and appreciate all the awareness you have promoted!


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