Lori Rae Burkhart

 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan



A Letter to Kerr 

Hello there Kerr,

I'm Lori Rae Burkhart.  I was normal until I was 5 years old until a mosquito bit me.  I was in a coma for 2 months. It resulted to my sleeping sickness and encephalitis which is swelling of the brain. Because of this my speech is affected and left part of my body is affected too. I have been on my wheelchair for 45 years now.  I got a new wheelchair this year after a long fight. My mom fight so hard for me on things that I need. I have seen how hard it is to get anything I need.

I am so proud to hear that you are doing it for people who have difficulties expressing themselves and who does not a voice to say a thing.

You and your family are amazing people.  I am so grateful that you are fighting for people like me.  You are our voice in this fight.

Once again, thank you.  Hope to meet you someday.  You inspired me so much.

Sincerely yours,
Lori R. Burkhart of Saskatoon

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