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A New World

I am verbal. My communication device, a Dynawrite,  just helps people understand me a little easier  so I don't have to repeat things 10 times!! :O )

Without the communication devices program, I wouldn't have a job today. I work at a personal care home as an administration and recreation assistant. 

During their AAC week, I helped the staff at the program by demonstrating my Dynawrite to people as they perused the devices. I am able to use it for playing games and sending e-mails.

I also had the opportunity to go a school and talk about cerebral palsy. I think it’s important to teach kids about disabilities at a young age to reduce teasing of people with differences. I explained cerebral palsy to the kids by comparing my brain to a telephone. Sometimes my brain gets a wrong number.  I’ll try to “dial the number” for my hand, and instead my foot will move!

I have been able to run educational sessions using the environmental controls on my Dynawrite. I helped the communication devices program with their open house. The Dynawrite has opened so many doors for me and I will never look back.

Take a look at J.G.'s blog at  www.accessibilityincanada.blogspot.com.

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