Duncan Johnson

Calgary, Alberta


This is a story by Duncan Johnson, which he sent to the children’s author, Robert Munsch.  Robert Munsch liked the story so much that he came to Duncan’s school to read it aloud to the whole school.

I’m at the Store
By Duncan Johnson

Chapter 1

     Duncan likes to go to movies and pool.  He likes spelling, social studies, science and driving.  He has brown hair.
     Duncan likes to go to movies and pool.  He likes to go with his family.  His favourite movie is Chicken Little, who says, “The sky is falling, the sky is falling.”  He likes going to the pool.  He has liked the pool since he was a baby. 
     (We read the book, Zoom, by Robert Munsch and Duncan’s story took on a whole new, exciting twist.)
     Duncan likes driving fast! When Duncan is at school, a police officer has to chase him because he is going way too fast.
     Duncan asks Dad, “Can I go to store to buy a really, really fast wheelchair?”
     Dad says, “Okay!”
     Duncan did say, “This one is too slow.”  We looked at another one, “”It was too slow too.”
     The next one was too slow.  The next one was okay.  It was black.  It was really fast, faster than anything.  Duncan tried it out and got chased by the police officer.  The police officer gave him an $87.00 ticket.  Dad put Duncan in his bedroom for one hour.  Duncan was bored.  But Duncan didn’t learn his lesson about driving fast.  Duncan got another ticket for $1,000,000.00.  He got sent to the living room for 7 hours with no T.V.  Dad took the fast wheelchair away.  Duncan had to use a regular wheelchair.
     Duncan said, “Dad, can we go to a different wheelchair store?”
     Dad said, “Yes.”
     Duncan got another wheelchair and drove too fast again!  The policeman gave him a ticket for $61,200,450.00  They went back to the store and exchanged the fast wheelchair for a slow one.  Duncan felt mad! Duncan drove it to the store; he got a fast power wheelchair.  Duncan became a Nascar race driver, so that Duncan could drive as fast as he wants.  This is Duncan’s job now, so he can pay off all his tickets.  

Chapter 2

     Duncan goes to the pet store to get a goldfish.  He doesn’t have any money.  He grabbed the fish in the bowl of water and wheeled out of the store.  The people in the store call the police officer.  Duncan gets a ticket for stealing the fish.  It is for $171.00.  The week before he took a bird and a cat.  He got a ticket for $823,543.00.  Duncan went to the pet store and took a rabbit.  He wants to set the animals free.
     Duncan got sent to the big house for 1 day.  When Duncan got out of the big house, he and his dad went to the wheelchair store for a slower wheelchair.  But Duncan got one that was faster than his old wheelchair.  Duncan isn’t driving, because a police officer said, “You can’t drive.”   He took Duncan’s license away.
     Duncan had to go to the big house again and couldn’t go outside.  Duncan can’t go home.  Duncan’s mom made a cake with a file in it to cut the bars.  Duncan was about to escape, but he saw a police officer.  He escaped to hide out at his aide’s house.  He rang the doorbell of his aide’s house.
      Mrs. Smith said, “I’m going to call the police.”
      Then he went to Mrs. Richardson’s house.
      She said, “I’m going to call the police.”
      Duncan went home.  His mom and dad said, “We’re going to call the police.”
      He went to Rebecca’s house.
      She said, “I’m going to call the police.”
      Duncan went to Andrew’s house. 
      Andrew said, “I’m going to call the police.”
      Duncan is hungry.  He goes to McDonald’s.  He thought the police officer was still after him.  When can he stop running?  Duncan got a different Vanguard, so he sounded different and the police didn’t recognize him.  He stopped running away.

The End

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