How You Can Participate 


UPDATE!!!  While we have completed our journey across Canada, we have a long way to travel to ensure voice, accessibility and inclusion.  We'll be making changes to this website to let you know how you can become involved. Find out more about our journey on the Route and Timeline page. Please come back often to see the changes we've made to the website, and keep checking in with our Facebook page, blog and Twitter


Please participate in whatever way you can to make accessibility and inclusion a reality for all Canadians with disabilities.  Start Your Own Kilometres for Communication Event, or join someone else’s. If you prefer, you can help by joining our online Fundraising team by setting up your Personal Giving Page and asking your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues to donate to empower voices and change lives. Contact us if you're interested in volunteering.  This is a volunteer campaign that is based on the generosity of friends and strangers. 


If you speak with AAC, are close to someone who speaks with AAC, or close to someone who is without speech and doesn’t speak with AAC, please send us your story and, if it’s okay with you—a few photos—to post on our Stories page.  It is through our personal stories that people will begin to understand how important it is to have ready access to the vital services, supports and technology that enable and empower the voices and participation of all our citizens.


Whether you are an individual, small group of friends, school, classroom, neighbourhood, faith group, community, business or organization (large or small), there are many ways you can Join Our Team to ensure the voices of those without speech are enabled, empowered and heard, and that accessibility and inclusion do become a reality for the more than 3 million Canadians with disabilities. This is possible if we all work together.

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