Making Accessibility and Inclusion

a National Priority


Voices will continue to be silenced unless all provincial policies and funding enable people without speech to readily access the vital AAC services, supports and technology needed to communicate. That’s why we must raise awareness about the urgency to change provincial policies so that AAC services, supports and technology are consistently available in all provinces and territories to the people who must have them in order to speak and to fully participate in Canadian society. 

This brings us to another important aspect of Kilometres for Communication. We believe that if accessibility and inclusion are going to become a reality for the more than 3 million Canadians who have disabilities, then accessibility and inclusion must become a national priority. Our original intention was to advocate for the passage of what we called a National Accessibility Act.  However, the advice we have received from a number of organizations which advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities, is that we don't need more legislation.  What we need is public support and political will to make accessibility and inclusion a national priority.  Raising awareness and garnering public and political support for accessibility and inclusion across Canada are an important aspect of Kilometres for Communication.

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