What are ISAAC and ISAAC Canada?

The International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ISAAC) is an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. (AAC, or Augmentative and Alternative Communication, refers to the various ways individuals who cannot speak are able to communicate.) A primary goal for ISAAC—which now has thousands of members in over 60 countries—is to create world-wide awareness about the potential of AAC to change the lives of individuals who are without speech.  Other important ISAAC goals are to promote research, find new approaches and technologies to help people communicate in alternative ways, exchange information internationally, provide educational opportunities, publish a scientific journal and coordinate a biannual international conference. 


Canadians have played a major role in the formation and ongoing leadership of ISAAC.  One of 15 national Chapters in countries around the world, ISAAC Canada includes members who communicate with AAC, professionals and retired professionals, students, and manufacturers.

ISAAC Canada:

Provides education and information to local,  provincial and federal governments within Canada regarding issues related to individuals who have little or no functional speech and/or writing;

Provides education to the public-at-large on the needs and benefits of reducing barriers and increasing opportunities for people who have little or no functional speech and/or writing;

Works toward ensuring that public and private funding for people who use AAC is sufficient to meet their communicative needs;

Provides a forum for Canadians who use AAC and professionals;

Maintains ongoing communication with all members, and publishes a Canadian newsletter, Figuratively Speaking;

Provides support for the development of AAC services in Canada and internationally.

Your support of ISAAC Canada can open doors for the growing number of Canadians who require Augmentative and Alternative Communication.

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